Want to be part of what makes Floxsie so unique?

Apply to become an Exclusive Virtual Vendor or Demonstrator at our next virtual event!

• One hour virtual vendor session

• Floxsie provides a Zoom link

• A trained moderator is available for your entire session, including 30 minutes before to help you prepare for your session 

• An all-inclusive cost ($185 USD for vendors, $50-$100 for demonstrations)

• NO application fee

• NO competing vending sessions 

• Opportunities for demonstrations - these are half-hour or one-hour interactive and educational sessions. Examples would be felting a flower, color workshop, baking demo or visible mending, etc. These sessions allow our audience to gain more time with you and for you to share knowledge with them. It’s a great way to invite them to your vending session.

• Trivia Session highlight (join Floxsie for a live trivia session) 

• Vendor knit night highlight (join Floxsie for a knit night to highlight your company within 2 minutes!)

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our participants is this: “Is there a promo code for this session?”

Truthfully, we can’t undersell the value of offering a promo code or a free shipping offer if we tried. When people attend a virtual event that includes Vendor Hours and Demo Sessions, they are expecting exclusive access to the products they’re viewing, and there’s no better way to provide that than creating an event-specific promo code. 

As a bonus, we keep track of all the codes our vendors, instructors, and demonstrators have created specifically for our events and make sure to remind participants that they exist before they make their purchases. Our audience has access to recorded sessions for 8 days after the event ends so keep this in mind when you set up your discount codes. 

Please send us your discount code and the date when it expires and which products it includes. 

Make a note of the code before you send it to us so the correct code is listed.

Floxsie events typically include more than 50 demonstrations from artists, creators, and designers alike, and a very large percentage of our demonstrators are also Virtual Vendors. Our participants love having a front-row seat to all the effort and skill that goes into your gorgeous creations and putting a face to the maker is a powerful marketing tool. 

During your Demo Session, you can choose either a half-hour OR full hour with our participants.

A vendor session is an allotted one-hour virtual session where our participants can join. You will be joined by a trained moderator, who is there to support you and ensure our participants can see and hear the content you are sharing. These sessions provide our vendors with a sales opportunity to educate our participants about their products and services. 

A demo session is either a half-hour OR one-hour virtual session where our vendors (or presenters) are given the opportunity to educate our audience without selling. Why is this important? We’ve found that the more contact each vendor has with our participants, the stronger the connection. Although this is not the time to sell, by educating our participants they get to know you and ultimately this will promote your vendor session. You are welcome to show your goods at the end of the session and invite participants to your vendor session. We offer two demo sessions: 

• 30 Minute Demo
• 1 Hour Demo

Floxsie offers training sessions for all vendors, instructors and demo presenters. Within this session, we offer an overview on how to use Zoom, and how to set up your camera, and tips and tricks for selling during vendor sessions.

Many vendors have created special colorways or exclusive items for the event that they would like to sell to our participants. It’s always a good idea to feature items in tune with the show theme. We now offer early access to purchase show specials and avoid the rush as show specials SELL OUT FAST. 

The day before the event officially begins, we are offering 30-minute exclusive Vending Sessions for participants who purchase an Early Access Pass. These participants are eager to purchase exclusive show colorways and products. All sessions are scheduled using Floxsie Zoom accounts and are moderated and recorded.  There are a limited number of Early Access Vending Sessions available, so act quickly to claim your spot!

Three channels of programming will be offered to Floxsie participants:

Channel 1: Events: Demos, Trivia Giveaways and Vendor and Sponsor Knit Nights

Channel 2: Instruction for paid participants

Channel 3: Vendor Marketplace

Wednesday knit night 7 PM, introduction to vendors, events, and instruction - all vendors are invited.

Marketplace hours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 10:00 am–7:00 pm EST.



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    I've been joining sessions throughout the day as a way to take a break from working.


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    Thank you for an amazing weekend. I learned a lot, bought A LOT, and mingled too.


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    It's 1:30 AM here but I didn't want to miss this class!